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Order Online Assignments spring 2020

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Assignments Code

Assignments Sujbect Spring 2020

Assignments Class Spring 2020

200Selling of Home Made ProductsMatric Spring 2020
201IslamiatMatric Spring 2020
202Pakistan studiesMatric Spring 2020
203General ScienceMatric Spring 2020
204Urdu For Daily UseMatric Spring 2020
205ArabicMatric Spring 2020
209General Home EconomicsMatric Spring 2020
215EducationMatric Spring 2020
219Home and Farm Operations ManagementsMatric Spring 2020
251Ethics (For Non-Muslim)Matric Spring 2020
257Fruit ProductionMatric Spring 2020
206Family Health and CareMatric Spring 2020
207Compulsory English – IMatric Spring 2020
208Garment Making – IMatric Spring 2020
210Garment Making – IIMatric Spring 2020
211Poultry FarmingMatric Spring 2020
212Maintenance of House Hold Electrical ApplianceMatric Spring 2020
217Food and NutritionMatric Spring 2020
218First Aid – IMatric Spring 2020
221Compulsory English – IIMatric Spring 2020
222Applied Food & NutritionMatric Spring 2020
242Seerat-e-TayyebaMatric Spring 2020
247Mathematics – I (Urdu)Matric Spring 2020
248Mathematics – II (Urdu)Matric Spring 2020
252Lab Techniques in PhysicsMatric Spring 2020
256Vegetable GrowingMatric Spring 2020
258Lab Techniques in ChemistryMatric Spring 2020
259Lab Techniques in BiologyMatric Spring 2020
260Information Technology BasicsMatric Spring 2020
303IqbaliatFA Spring 2020
308General ScienceFA Spring 2020
309ArabicFA Spring 2020
311Book Keeping and AccountancyFA Spring 2020
312EducationFA Spring 2020
315EconomicsFA Spring 2020
321Muslim History of Sub-ContinentFA Spring 2020
343Islamiat (E)FA Spring 2020
346Principles of CommerceFA Spring 2020
361PersianFA Spring 2020
376Human RightsFA Spring 2020
389Quran-e-HakeemFA Spring 2020
301Daftri UrduFA Spring 2020
305Rural DevelopmentFA Spring 2020
316IslamiatFA Spring 2020
317Pakistan StudiesFA Spring 2020
322Secretarial PracticeFA Spring 2020
330Child Care and DevelopmentFA Spring 2020
345Home Management and Home FurnishingFA Spring 2020
347BankingFA Spring 2020
349Plant ProtectionFA Spring 2020
356Food and NutritionFA Spring 2020
357Health and NutritionFA Spring 2020
360Information Technology ApplicationsFA Spring 2020
363Urdu – IFA Spring 2020
364Urdu – IIFA Spring 2020
386Compulsory English – IFA Spring 2020
387Compulsory English – IIFA Spring 2020
394Statistics – IFA Spring 2020
395Statistics – IIFA Spring 2020
1307Mathematics – IFA Spring 2020
1308Mathematics – IIFA Spring 2020
1309Mathematics – IIIFA Spring 2020
406Economics of PakistanBA
407Modern Muslim WorldBA
409Commercial GeographyBA
411Sociology – IBA
412Social & Cultural AnthropologyBA
422Organizing Library ResourcesBA
423Library ServicesBA
426Pakistani Adab – IIBA
429Mass Education / LiteracyBA
430Principles of JournalismBA
436Seerat – e – TayyabaBA
437Islamiat (E)BA
445History of Urdu AdabBA
458Community DevelopmentBA
464Islamic FiqhBA
465Population and DevelopmentBA
466History of Libraries with Reference to PakistanBA
467Classification and CataloguingBA
472Quran – E – HakimBA
413Sociology – IIBA
417Pakistan StudiesBA
427Pakistani – Adab – IBA
433Iqbal’s Persian PoetryBA
434Iqbal’s Urdu ProseBA
438Principles of AccountingBA
439Advertising and Sales PromotionBA
444Advance AccountingBA
447Marketing ManagementBA
449Magazine JournalismBA
451Public RelationsBA
452Mass CommunicationBA
453Radio BroadcastingBA
454TV BroadcastingBA
455Book EditingBA
456Business TaxationBA
460Mercantile LawBA
462Cost AccountingBA
463Fundamentals of BusinessBA
470Principles of MarketingBA
482Food MicrobiologyBA
484Food and NutritionBA
485Health and NutritionBA
487Child DevelopmentBA
1421Introduction to EnvironmentBA
1422Environmental PollutionBA
1423English – IBA
1424English – IIBA
1425Basics of Technical WritingBA
1429Business MathematicsBA
1430Business StatisticsBA
1431Basics of ICT (English)BA
1431Basics of ICT (Urdu)BA
5403Basics of ICTBS Library and Information Science Spring 2020
8413Introduction to LogicBS Library and Information Science Spring 2020
9201Soft Skills (Personality Development)BS Library and Information Science Spring 2020
9374Pakistan StudiesBS Library and Information Science Spring 2020
9407English –IBS Library and Information Science Spring 2020
5404English Compulsory – IAD
5436Islamic StudiesAD
5438Pakistan StudiesAD
6400General Method of TeachingAD
5403Basics of ICTAD
5411English Compulsory – IIAD
6401General Math and StatisticsAD
8601General Method of TeachingB.Ed Spring 2020
8602Educational AssessmentB.Ed Spring 2020
8603Curriculum DevelopmentB.Ed Spring 2020
8604Research Method in EducationB.Ed Spring 2020
8605Educational LeadershipB.Ed Spring 2020
8606Citizenship Education and CommunityB.Ed Spring 2020
8609Philosophy of EducationB.Ed Spring 2020
8610Human DevelopmentB.Ed Spring 2020
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective PracticesB.Ed Spring 2020
8612Professionalism in TeachingB.Ed Spring 2020
8614Educational StatisticsB.Ed Spring 2020
8615Management StrategiesB.Ed Spring 2020
8616School AdministrationB.Ed Spring 2020
8617Plan Implementation and Educational ManagementB.Ed Spring 2020
8618School LeadershipB.Ed Spring 2020
681Psychology of Deafness and Child DevelopmentM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
682Speech and HearingM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
683Audiology & AudiometryM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
697Assessment in Science EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
698Laboratory Organization, Management & Safety MethodsM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
826Elementary EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
827Secondary EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
828Higher EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
829Teacher Education in PakistanM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
831Foundations of EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
846Teaching StrategiesM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
850Evaluation of Adult EducationM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
6508Teaching of EnglishM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
8515Consumer BehaviorM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
6516Teaching of PhysicsM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
6552Textbook Development – IM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
6553Textbook Development – IIM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
6573Planning for Population Education – IM.A M.Ed AIOU Spring 2020
801Introduction to MicroeconomicsM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
802Introduction to MacroeconomicsM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
803Mathematics for EconomicsM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
804Statistics for EconomicsM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
808Public Finance and FiscalM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
810Economics Planning: Techniques and ApplicationsM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
811Monetary Theory and PolicyM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
4673International Economics – IM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
4674International Economics – IIM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
4675Islamic Economics – IM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
4676Islamic Economics – IIM.Sc Economics Spring 2020
5505Collection DevelopmentMLIS Economics Spring 2020
5641Management of Libraries & Information Centres – IMLIS Economics Spring 2020
5642Management of Libraries & Information Centres – IIMLIS Economics Spring 2020
5643Library Automation, Information Storage & Retrieval – IMLIS Economics Spring 2020
5644Library Automation, Information Storage & Retrieval – IIMLIS Economics Spring 2020



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