MSc Mass Com Solved Assignments Autumn 2020

MSc Mass Com Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

Welcome Dear students now you can download MSc Mass Com solved assignments autumn 2020 free of cost.

MSc Mass Com Solved Assignments Autumn 2020


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Bachelor of Science BS Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

Download MSc Mass Com Solved Assignments

Below you can find the list of MSc Mass Com free solved assignments.

CodeSubject Name1st2nd
964Language Skills and Communicative Abilitiesجلدجلد
965Development Support Communicationجلدجلد
968Electronic Media Part–IIجلدجلد
4696Introduction to Social Works: Methods in Social Workجلدجلد
4697Research Methods in Mass Communication-IIجلدجلد
5631Communication Theories – Iجلدجلد
5632Communication Theories – IIجلدجلد
5633Assessment in Science Educationجلدجلد
5634Laboratory Organization, Management  & Safety Methodsجلدجلد
5637Laboratory Organization, Management  & Safety Methodsجلدجلد
5638Laboratory Organization, Management  & Safety Methodsجلدجلد
5639  Social Psychology Part-IPDFPDF
5640Social Psychology Part-IIPDFPDF
6603Laboratory Organization, Management  & Safety Methodsجلدجلد
6604Laboratory Organization, Management  & Safety Methodsجلدجلد

Aiou Autumn 2020 Free solved assignments 

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