MEd MA Education Solved Assignments Autumn 2020

MEd MA Education Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

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MEd MA Education


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Bachelor of Science BS Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

Download MEd MA Education Solved Assignments Autumn 2020

Below you can find the list of MEd MA Education free solved assignments for semester autumn 2020.


Code MA MED Subject Name Autumn 2020 1st 2nd
622 Elementary School Management PDF PDF
623 Teaching Strategies at Elementary Level PDF PDF
625 Perspective of Elementary Education PDF PDF
626 Elementary Teacher Education جلد جلد
627 ICT in Education جلد جلد
629 Guidance & Counseling in Elementary Schools جلد جلد
671 Educational Psychology جلد جلد
672 Perspectives of Special Education جلد جلد
673 Handicapped Persons in the Community جلد جلد
677 Independence Training for the Visually PDF PDF
678 Special education for the visually Handicapped جلد جلد
695 Foundation of Science Education جلد جلد
696 Teaching Strategies in Science Education جلد جلد
697 Assessment in Science Education جلد جلد
698 Laboratory Organization, Management & Safety Methods PDF PDF
826 Elementary Education PDF PDF
827 Secondary Education-II جلد جلد
828 Higher Education PDF PDF
829 Higher Education جلد جلد
831 Foundation of Education PDF PDF
837 Educational Research PDF PDF
838 Curriculum Development and Instruction PDF PDF
840 Educational Psychology PDF PDF
844 Non-Formal Distance Education جلد جلد
845 Educational Administration and Supervision جلد جلد
846 Teaching Strategies جلد جلد
847 Adult Education in Comparative Perspective جلد جلد
851 System of Distance Education جلد جلد
855 Supervision جلد جلد
1627 Classroom Assessment جلد جلد
3601 Braille Practical Course urdu I جلد جلد
3602 Braille Practical Course – II جلد جلد
3603 Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-I جلد جلد
3604 Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-II جلد جلد
3605 Education of Mentally Retarded Children-I جلد جلد
3606 Education of Mentally Retarded Children جلد جلد
3611 Organization and Management of Special School-I جلد جلد
3612 Organization and Management of Special School-II جلد جلد
3613 Community Based Rehabilitation-I جلد جلد
3614 Community Based Rehabilitation-II جلد جلد
3645 Nutrition – A Life Span Approach جلد جلد
3646 Nutrition for Fitness جلد جلد
3647 Nutritional Assessment-I جلد جلد
6500 Foundations of Education PDF PDF
6501 Educational Psychology and Guidance PDF PDF
6502 Educational Management and Supervision جلد جلد
6503 Curriculum and Instruction PDF PDF
6505 Islamic System of Education PDF PDF
6506 Education in Pakistan PDF PDF
6507 Educational Measurement and Evaluation PDF PDF
6508 Teaching of English PDF PDF
6509 Teaching of urdu PDF PDF
6511 Teaching of Pakistan Studies PDF PDF
6515 Teaching of Mathematics PDF PDF
6516 Teaching of Physics PDF PDF
6552 Textbook Development I PDF PDF
6553 Textbook Development II PDF PDF

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