BEd Solved Assignments Autumn 2020

BEd Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

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bed Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF


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Bachelor of Science BS Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 Free download PDF

Download BEd Solved Assignments Autumn 2020

Below you can find the list of BEd free solved assignments for semester autumn 2020.

CodeB.Ed Solved Assignment Subject Name1st2nd
1655Teaching of Englishجلدجلد
1659Teaching of Urduجلدجلد
5401Principle of Accountingجلدجلد
5402Fundamental of Businessجلدجلد
5403Basic of ICTPDFPDF
5404Compulsory English-IPDFPDF
5405Business Mathematicsجلدجلد
5406Micro Economicsجلدجلد
5410Cost Accountingجلدجلد
5411Compulsory English-IIPDFPDF
5445Business Taxationجلدجلد
6400General Methods of TeachingPDFPDF
6401General Mathematics and StatisticsPDFPDF
6402Educational Psychology & Guidanceجلدجلد
6403Classroom Managementجلدجلد
6404General SciencePDFPDF
6405Education of PakistanPDFPDF
6406Foundations of Educationجلدجلد
6407Classroom AssessmentPDFPDF
6408Tadress Islamiyat o Pak studiesجلدجلد
6409Teaching of MathematicsPDFPDF
6410Art Crafts & Calligraphyجلدجلد
6411Foundations of Educationجلدجلد
6412School, Society & TeacherPDFPDF
6413Introduction to Inclusive Educationجلدجلد
6414Teaching of General Scienceجلدجلد
6416School Administration and Supervisionجلدجلد
6435Assessment in Science EducationPDFPDF
6436Assessment in Science EducationPDFPDF
6437Teaching Strategies in Science EducationPDFPDF
6438Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety MethodsPDFPDF
6455Teaching of BiologyPDFPDF
6460Teaching of ChemistryPDFPDF
6461Educational Research and StatisticsPDFPDF
6466Comparative EducationPDFPDF
6473Islamic studies-IPDFPDF
6474Islamic studies-IIPDFPDF
6475Islamic Studies-IIIجلدجلد
6478Urdu Adab ki Treekhجلدجلد
6480Urdu Adab ki Treekhجلدجلد
6483Home Economics-Iجلدجلد
6485Home Economics-IIIجلدجلد
6488Evolution of Muslim Civilizationجلدجلد
6489Evolution of Muslim Civilizationجلدجلد
6490Political and Constitutional Evolution in Pakistanجلدجلد
6493Teaching of Englishجلدجلد
6494Tadress UrduPDFPDF
6495Tadrees e Pakistan studiesجلدجلد
6497Teaching of Islamic StudiesPDFPDF
8601General Methods of TeachingPDFPDF
8602Educational Assessment & EvaluationPDFPDF
8603Curriculum DevelopmentPDFPDF
8604Research Methods in EducationPDFPDF
8605Educational Leadership & ManagementPDFPDF
8606Citizenship Educational & Community EngagementPDFPDF
8609Philosophy of EducationPDFPDF
8610Human Development & Learningجلدجلد
8611Critical Thinking & Reflective Practiceجلدجلد
8612Professionalism in TeachingPDFPDF
8614Educational StatisticsPDFPDF
8615Management Strategic In Education InstitutionPDFPDF
8616School Administration & SupervisionPDFPDF
8617Plan Implementation & Educational ManagementPDFPDF
8618School LeadershipPDFPDF
8619Educational TechnologyPDFجلد
8620Computers in Educationجلدجلد
8621Broadcast Mediaجلدجلد
8622Non-Broadcast Mediaجلدجلد
8623Elementary EducationPDFPDF
8624Teacher Education in Pakistanجلدجلد
8625Higher Educationجلدجلد
8626Teacher Education in PakistanPDFPDF
8627Foundation of Science Educationجلدجلد
8628Assessment in Science Educationجلدجلد
8629Laboratory Organization ,Management & Safety Methodsجلدجلد
8638General Science in Schoolsجلدجلد
8653Adolescent Psychologyجلدجلد
8665Ideological Foundations of Pakistanجلدجلد
8666Foreign Policy of Pakistan-Iجلدجلد
8670Seerat e Tayyabaجلدجلد
9168Women Rights in Islamجلدجلد
9407Compulsory English-Iجلدجلد
9408Compulsory English-IIجلدجلد
9410Introduction to Sociology Culture & Societyجلدجلد
9417Understanding of Mathematics & Statisticsجلدجلد
9433Sociology of Child Rights & Developmentجلدجلد
9434Sociological Theory-Iجلدجلد

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